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Bảo hành

1. NITECORE’s free repair and Limited Lifetime Warranty service is provided only if the product was purchased from an authorized dealer or reseller. This applies to all NITECORE flashlights and accessories.
2. NITECORE’s warranty policy does not cover components that have been installed by an unauthorized third party or are not genuine NITECORE replacement parts.
3. Unauthorized third party repairs to any NITECOREproduct voids NITECORE’s repair service and limited lifetime warranty.
Warranty commitments
1. 15 days free replacement: Within 15 days of purchase NITECORE will, through its authorized agents, resellers and retailers, replace any product that fails to operate as a result of a manufacturing defect. The product will be replaced with the same model or one of equal or better performance in the unlikely event it has been discontinued.
2. Free repairing service: After 15 days, NITECORE provides repairing service free of charge within 60 months (5 years) from the date of purchase for lights that become malfunction through normal usage. Different products are covered by different warranty periods.

These terms of product warranty apply only to the products and accessories listed above.
3. Limited lifetime warranty: After a period of 60 months or 12 months, Nitecore lights or accessories listed lifetime warranty. The limited warranty covers labor costs and maintenance with the exclusion of accessories or replacement parts.
4. Accidental damage: If a product fails as a result of excessive usage (I.E. repeated impacts as a consequence of heavy use) or accidental damage, NITECORE, at its discretion, will provide free labour on repair, charging the customer for the cost of replacement materials only. Customers are responsible for all shipping/postage costs associated with repairs of this nature and must provide their warranty card and original sales receipt.
5. Nitecore will replace malfunction products for an upgraded product in the same series or similar performance for customers if replacement can’t be made within due time when certain products are discontinued or some other reasons. 
NITECORE’s warranty service is rendered NULL AND VOID if
  1. Failure or damage, which are caused by excessive dropping , unauthorized modification or reconstruction.
  2. Failure or damage is caused by improper use, storage or maintenance (refer to product instruction manual).
  3. Damage is caused by battery leakage.
  4. Customers cannot supply either: their NITECORE warranty card or original sales receipt.
  5. Failure or damage is caused by inferior quality components/parts not manufactured by NITECORE.

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